MOMSTER licence Hong Kong

27 Aug Momster, the registration plate all moms need!

This licence plate really made us giggle on a recent trip to Stanley – don’t all moms turn into one at some point during the day??

In Hong Kong, the rules for registering a personalised plate are pretty protracted, as long as it hasn’t been taken, it is no longer than 8 characters or digits, and you have enough money to bid for it… then it is no problem to get your own special message for your vehicle.

Some of our favourites plates include:

  • LASTWILL (which we think belongs to a lawyer?)
  • FERRARI (for a Ferrari)
  • TAXI (for a….. you’ve guessed it)
  • DEBORAH (see bubble gum pink Rolls Royce below)
  • HKGREETERS (we wish!)

Photo: Jill Carter Photography

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