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09 Dec Ride a Magic Carpet to Hong Kong with these Children’s Books

Whether you’re in Hong Kong or far away these Hong Kong children’s books will transport your kids, as if by magic carpet, to the hustle and bustle of our great city. Read on for our top pick of Hong Kong books for little readers.

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Hong Kong Board & Picture Books

blankblankGood Night Hong Kong

Sleep deprived new parents, this one is just for you!

Good Night Hong Kong is a gentle book, designed to help lull your little ones to sleep, which sounds like a winning formula to us.

Along the way, they will ‘visit’ many of Hong Kong’s most famous landmarks treating your favourite younglings to moonlit tour of our city.





Hong Kong ABC

This sturdy board book has to be the perfect Hong Kong gift for the little people in your life and makes a refreshing change from the more standard Apple, Book, Cup kind of ABC books.

As you can see from the front cover, the A B C’s are Hong Kong themed with inclusions such as P for Panda, J for Junk Boat and D for Dim sum.





This is Hong Kong

This is Hong Kong is a classic volume that would be a welcome addition to any child’s bookshelf.

Late author Miroslav Sasek, released a series of This is books featuring various cities. The Hong Kong book was said to be one of his favourites.

We particularly love the gorgeously nostalgic and colourful illustrations in blankthis hardback.


blankblankThe Mermaid and the Pink Dolphin

Hong Kong’s waters are home to endangered pink dolphins. Although mermaids are nigh on impossible to spot, pink dolphins can often be seen playing in our waters, particularly around South Lantau.

The Mermaid and the Pink Dolphin was Written and illustrated by Theadora Whittington, this story introduces young readers to Hong Kong’s pink dolphins and their plight. As an added bonus, the book is endorsed by the WWF.


blankblankThe Shadow in the Moon

Every year, Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated across China. The Shadow in the Moon follows a grandmother telling the legend of Chang-E to her grand daughter and the two of them enjoy eating mooncakes. In case you’ve never heard of Mid-Autumn festival, you can read our guide to Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong.





Other children’s books that we love, which are not so widely available outside Hong Kong, included Sarah Brennan’s Chinese Calendar Tales with a hilarious rhyming tale for each zodiac animal and Lost in Hong Kong by Matthew Cooper. Newcomer Suzanne Younan has released two books about Willy the eco-friendly green dragon and last but not least, not to forget Ellen Wy Leou books about Lulu the Hong Kong Cat.

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This post contains affiliate links. Should you click through and make a purchase, we may make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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