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Real Hong Kong Tours

14 Nov Police Pagoda

Doing my bit for traffic control in the police pagoda circa 1960. Photo credit (left): Before traffic lights were commonplace, Traffic Police directed the flow of vehicles on the streets of Hong Kong. Some have said they were a cost-cutting measure, as traffic lights would only be needed...

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Kid Friendly Family Tours Hong Kong

04 Nov What can you do in 4-hours with kids in Hong Kong?

A layover tour is well worth doing in Hong Kong if you happen to be stopping by, and a great way to keep the kids entertained on long journeys. Here I am helping young Corbyn navigate #wanchaimarket and the #turtles on his 4 hour #layover  #privatetour in #hongkong this evening. We saw the #citylights from #victoriapeak, rode...

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Hong Kong Thousand Buddhas Tours

23 Sep Cycling tour in the New Territories

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Shatin. One of my very favorite places, visited as part of our #bicycletour in the #newterritories with Nissie and Wolf, from #saudiarabia. No bicycles were used in the climbing of this hill!!! #privatetour #privatetourguide #cyclingtour #hongkong #hkig #hkgreeters #manfatsze...

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