Vehicle Hire Only

Travel in style with a private car hire

We can assist with hiring a private driver to get you around Hong Kong

Duration 4 - 8 Hours
Price (HKD) $2000 - $6000
Group size 1 - 6 people
Activity level Easy

If you don’t require a tour guide, but would like the convenience of private transport, we can book a private driver to get you around town.

There are many advantages to hiring a private vehicle and driver to transport you during your stay in Hong Kong.

  • Time efficient
  • Comfortable
  • Stress Free
  • Access to Restricted Areas
  • Visit out of the way places not easily accessed by public transport
  • Peace of Mind

This is a great option if you are pressed for time and want to fit in as much as possible. Also, with Hong Kong’s sub-tropical climate, the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle should not be underestimated. You can avoid getting soaked in a monsoon downpour or take a break from melting on Hong Kong’s more humid days.

You also avoid the hassle of trying to explain where you want to visit or fumbling with cash and tickets or worrying whether you are on the right bus or where to flag down a taxi. Avoid waiting in the rain or melting in the heat.

If you want to get off the beaten track in Hong Kong, there are many interesting places that are difficult or time-consuming to reach by public transport. A private driver will mean you can get further faster.

As an added bonus, our drivers are also able to drive in Lantau’s restricted areas. For any guests with tiny children or mobility issues, you will also be able to access the restricted road to the top of Big Buddha, bypassing the 268 steps to the top.

Lastly, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands.

There are set charges for 4 or 8 hour car and driver hire, with additional charges if you exceed your set hours. Note car hire for Lantau Island is 6 hours minimum hire.

If you are wanting to book a car transfer from the airport or your cruise ship terminal, please click here for the details page.

*Please note, not all drivers are bilingual. However, we would ensure that they are pre-prepped on your itinerary so that they are prepared for any out of the way locations that you are planning to visit.


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