Virtual Tour of Old Hong Kong

Where trends meet traditions

Experience the sights and sounds of Old Town Hong Kong, in real time

Duration 1.25 Hours
Price (HKD) $100 - $3500
Group size 1 - 80 people
Activity level Easy

Led by a friendly expert guide, you will experience the sights and sounds of Old Town Hong Kong. During this fully interactive 75-minute tour, you can ask you guide questions, take photos and even chat with local vendors, meaning you will experience every part of your Hong Kong tour in real time.

Join us as we head back to the very start of the city we now know as Hong Kong. We will begin in the low-rise and leafy Sheung Wan, learning as we walk, how the territory’s colonial legacy influences the city though to the present day. Experience bustling temples, heavy with incense smoke, enjoy a few ghost stories, and see for yourself how this city continues to weave its traditions into the modern day.

Walking towards Central, we’ll ride the world’s longest outdoor escalator, a regular commute for many Hong Kongers, before walking around the newly-refurbished Tai Kwun complex. The city’s Centre for Heritage and Arts is built on the site of the former Central Police Station compound and your guide will help you unravel some of the many fascinating mysteries and stories of its past.

This is perfect for both seasoned travellers and armchair explorers, schools and teams, enabling the curious to satisfy their wanderlust without leaving home.

Virtual Tours For Family and Friends

For those of us who have been apart from family for a long time, this is a great experience to enjoy and connect together again. For customers in the US, timings work best for early evening tours, for UK customers, morning tours are the best fit; for Australia / New Zealand, lunchtimes through to the afternoon work well. If you would like to add family and friends to your experience from different locations, no problem! We can arrange for you all to join the virtual tour at the same time, for up to four screens, see the pricing options on the right for booking. If there are any additional screens, just email us to arrange

Virtual Tours For Schools

All tours are conducted in English, although we can arrange Chinese separately. Our interactive child-friendly tours provide a rich inquiry-based learning experience from locations all over Hong Kong. We design specifically for age-group and learning outcomes. Children are given opportunities to expand their horizons whilst experiencing a live interactive tour of the city, developing character and sense of citizenship while using critical thinking, collaborative communication and enquiry and their creativity skills.

Virtual Tours For Teams

For a fun and memorable experience for your team, a virtual Hong Kong experience is a way to travel to a new location together, from the comfort of your office chair! We design specifically to you, providing interactive elements and creating customised itineraries based on your outcomes. To discuss more, email us at

If you have a large group from school or work who would like to experience this together, we can also help with this! Multiple logins are the most effective via Zoom, but we can also use MS Teams, Webex, Google Classroom, Zoho etc

For Optimal User Experience

  • Suitable for desktop or laptop (not for tablet or phone)
  • Internet speed 5 mbps minimum
  • Headphones of speakers


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  • This is a live-streamed virtual tour
  • Walking from Sheung Wan district to Central Mid-Levels
  • Learn about the start of colonial period of Hong Kong up to modern day
  • Engage with ghosts of the past at the Pak Sing
  • Have your fortune told at the Man Mo Temples
  • See the PMQ and Tai Kwun revitalisation complexes

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Testimonials From Our Guests

Hear from a handful of our previous guests

We loved every minute of this tour. The host was fantastic! With travel restrictions in place, we could not travel there. We wanted a good interactive experience. This was SO good. She was personable and answered all of our questions. We did this with family and it was a great virtual experience. If you want to see Hong Kong, this is a must see. The park, the temple, and the market were so very interesting.

Stacy, November 2021

It is really cool to be sitting on your couch at home and to get to see what's going on half a world away at that moment. It is dark here but day there. Amy is very personable, extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture, and funny. We learned so much about the history and got to see so much in our 75 minutes. We even had our fortunes read at a temple which was a lot of fun. My parents and 8 year old daughter learned so much and asked questions.

Jennifer, December 2020
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