Welcome to Hong Kong!

Welcome to Hong Kong, and thank you for considering a private tour with us. We specialise in providing first class private tours of Hong Kong either by foot or by car. We also provide luxury harbour fireworks cruises for seasonal events.

Hong Kong is a city still full of traditions, cutting edge structures, a density that will blow your mind and inhabited by steadfastly strong and enlightening people. As a huge bonus… it has some of the tastiest (and inexpensive) food in the world too.

Why consider a private tour? Because Hong Kong is at its most magnificent up close and personal! Not only that, with our qualified guides around, you can:

personalise your experience – only see the sites and experiences that you want at your pace

ask any question that springs to mind – it’s just you and your guide and no other crowds!

adapt the itinerary seamlessly and keep it flexible  it takes all the worry away from planning a trip

advise you on the tastiest food items you may have been reluctant to try – Hong Kong has highest % of affordable Michelin stars in the world

by-pass long lines at the popular tourist sites – we have this privilege as we are all licensed guides

learn how to use the public transport system – it is truly the most efficient and affordable ways to get around the city

or we can provide car tours in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles – including Lantau Island

and ultimately provide you with the enjoyable experience you’re looking to get from visiting a new country.

Our team are all fluent English speakers and we can also support the following languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, French, German and Spanish

When I set up my company, my goal was to be make my guests become a city insider, helping them to learn all about Hong Kong’s history and people. Sharing these insights with overseas guests and being your friend in Hong Kong is what me and my team are most passionate about.

Amy Overy, founder of Hong Kong Greeters

Meet the Team

Amy Overy


Hong Kong Resident
English (fluent)
Licensed Tour Guide

I have had both my children in Hong Kong, and am now in my seventh year here.  When I moved, my goal was never to be an outsider in this city, and so I spent the time (trying) to learn the language and all about its history and people. Sharing these insights with overseas guests and being your friend in Hong Kong is what I am most passionate about.

Why consider a private tour? Because Hong Kong is at its most magnificent up close and personal! Not only that, with me around, you can ask any question that springs to mind, eat items you may have been reluctant to try, learn how to use the public transport system, adapt the itinerary and to give you the in depth understanding and enjoyable day you’re looking for.

I always want you to get the most from Hong Kong and so will adapt the tour to suit you. Whether you want to see the famous skyline, ride the tram or Star Ferry, keep the kids entertained, go to the historic neighbourhoods or visit a local Hong Konger in their home, I have the perfect itinerary for you.

My most popular tours are on foot and by taking the cheap and efficient public transport to get us around quickly. However, I can also offer tours on bicycles (in the rural areas like the New Territories), and in a private vehicle. Car tours are certainly good in the hot summer weather and / or if you have any accessibility needs.

My tours are tailor-made, so if you have any specific wishes, it can absolutely be sorted for you. Over my four years as a tour guide, I have been asked for many things… Organising a marriage proposal on Repulse Bay beach at the God of Marriages; hunting for a former RAF base in the New Territories; eating novelty dim sum which vomits(!); to holding snakes and visiting a local in their “average” sized apartment. You name it, we’ve done it! Have a look at my tours here or my news section here to give you some ideas as well, or email me directly amy@hkgreeters.com.

I have been fortunate enough to receive the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence three years running. I love guiding, it’s such a lovely job and I am truly energised by the people I meet. Be it families, couples or small groups, I learn something from you every time and always feel like I have found new friends in the far corners of the world. Hopefully you will see this reflected in my reviews as well.

Book a tour with me, I look forward to greeting you!

Amy Overy

Nadia Quinn


Hong Kong Resident
English (fluent)
Licensed Tour Guide

Welcome to Hong Kong, China’s most dynamic cities! I have lived in these parts for several years now and I do not cease to enjoy the rich culture of China and immersion in it. We started our Asian journey in Shenzhen, the largest center of the world electrotechnical industry, the ever green metropolis, whose skyscrapers never stop their growth. It was here that my 10-year-old son mastered the basics of the Chinese language, after three years of studying at a local school. And I began to learn the language, history and traditions of the largest and most mysterious country in the East.
Whatever your interests are, commercial or gastronomic, I will happily share my experience with my guests, open up Hong Kong’s secrets and show in all its glory. Now we live in a unique city of Hong Kong. It was here that I became a licensed guide, having applied my knowledge of Asia in a profession I love.

Surely you have heard about this megalopolis, with its ultra-modern structures, whose density amazes the most daring expectations, you know that it is full of ancient traditions, is proud of its history and cherishes the cultural heritage? But it’s even better to see it together personally! In this city you will find and try all sorts of delicacies, try and get the most famous and most unexpected brands of clothes. Even if you have already visited our region, I will gladly discover something new and unique, just for you. I will become your friend, eyes and ears in this part of the world!

Why choose a private tour? Because, it will be like visiting the city with a knowledgeable friend. I’ll pick up the keys to Hong Kong’s secret doors, through which you get inside the city, after seeing what is usually not shown from on TV and glossy covers of magazines. Because, I can answer any question that may arise from a sophisticated traveler, and I can also converse with local residents and specialists. Because, I know how to use the public transport system, the most economical way (trams, buses, metro) and the most chic (boat, helicopter, limousine). Because, you can enjoy shopping in Hong Kong, and young travelers will have a great time at Disney Land, Ocean Park or other fun places in our city. Because, in addition to popular tourist attractions from the guidebook, Hong Kong has many islands with its unique life and other secrets that I will gladly share. I always strive to ensure that guests receive the best the city has to offer, and choose the route of the tour according to interests, wishes and preferences. Whether you want to see the famous horizon, take a tram ride or Star Ferry, interest and entertain children and teenagers, take a stroll through the historic neighborhoods or even visit a local resident in their house, I have the perfect route for you!

Maybe you do not know what you want? Then let’s get acquainted …

I look forward to seeing you soon, with each of you!

Warm regards

Nadia Quinn