Hong Kong Quests

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Until now, Hong Kong Greeters has always provided in person experiences and tours. We love showing our guests around Hong Kong, but with the arrival of the Corona virus and social distancing measures, we have decided to try something new to complement our existing business model. Hong Kong Quests are our first physical products, enabling people to explore different Hong Kong neighbourhoods without a guide.

Set in Hong Kong, our Quests are family friendly activities, where you follow a series of directions and solve clues to unravel a mystery and complete your Quest. As you do so, you also discover the secrets and history of a local neighbourhood.

Storytelling lies at the heart of our business, so each Quest has a unique (fictional) backstory, such as a bank heist, a haunting or a lost time traveller. To keep you hooked, we’ve woven in a few interesting, thrilling, curious, creepy or slightly gross facts themed around the backstory and interwoven with clues to find the thief, lay the ghost to rest or help the time traveller get home. You will discover all sorts of things you wouldn’t otherwise know, such as secret rooftops, hidden war time tunnels and (supposedly) haunted buildings.  

Once you’ve finished exploring and have solved your mystery, you can unlock a secret page on our website, where you can download a completion certificate and access cool bonus content.

Not only are they a family friendly way to explore Hong Kong, our Quests, are wonderfully screen free. Having said that, you will need a smart phone to check an answer if you get stuck along the way and to access the secret page or rate your adventure once you’ve finished.

Quests are particularly well-suited to groups who want to set their own pace, taking as little as one hour or as long as a whole day, depending on whether you are racing to solve the mystery as quickly as possible, or feel like exploring side streets, cafes and interesting buildings along the route. Our Quests have also been carefully planned in areas where there will always be opportunities for comfort breaks, snack and coffee pit-stops or even a little retail therapy along the way.