Search for Hong Kong’s Pink Dolphins with DolphinWatch

Hong Kong’s Pink Dolphins

Rare and Endangered

Already rare, the playful Pink Dolphins that frolic in Hong Kong’s waters are endangered creatures.  Pollution, overfishing and construction have all played their part in dwindling numbers of Hong Kong’s pink dolphins. 

Are they Pink or White?  

Confusingly they are also known as Chinese White Dolphins. They certainly look pink rather than white though, although their young tend to be grey with white spots.  They become pink as they mature. 

Why are they Pink?

We understand that their rare candyfloss colouring is connected to their pigmentation.  The pinkness is their blood vessels showing through their skin. Although there are only a few of these creatures, they can often be spotted off Hong Kong’s Lantau island and are rather beautiful.  


DolphinWatch offers boat tours to see Hong Kong’s pink dolphins.  They have been operating for almost a quarter of a century.  Their mission is to appreciate the remaining dolphins and observe them in a responsible manner.  They also raise funds for research and campaigns in order to support conservation of these gentle creatures.

We really hope that you will be as lucky as we were today.  We counted 6 dolphins on the DolphinWatch boat this morning. That is about a tenth of the total population that are left in Hong Kong waters.  If you miss them, then you can live vicariously through our video: here.

If you want to go on the DolphinWatch trip and support the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, book here with us or add it on to your private tour.


Other Reasons to Visit Lantau Island

If you are hoping to see Hong Kong’s pink dolphins, please get in touch.  We offer regular private tours to Lantau island to see the famous Big Buddha and or Tai O stilt fishing village, which can be combined with searching for Hong Kong’s pink dolphins.

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