Discover Hong Kong’s Fishing Heritage with Lamma Rainbow

Hong Kong’s fishing heritage is integral to its culture.  The city’s past is intimately entwined with the ocean.  Fewer and fewer Hong Kongers make a living from the sea, but nevertheless their lifestyle and history is fascinating.

Tour Celebrating Hong Kong’s Fishing Heritage

Our friends at Lamma Rainbow Tours are offering a new tour celebrating Hong Kong’s fishing heritage.  They’ve named it Fun Exploration of Island South – Fisherman Experience.  It IS fun and here’s a rundown of what you can expect.

Colourful mural in Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong celebrating Hong Kong's fishing heritage.

Starting on the small island of Ap Lei Chau (easily accesible by getting to Lei Tung MTR station), the tour first takes in the pretty Hung Shing temple.  Hung Shing is one of the many gods fisher folk look to for protection on the seas.

  Inside Hung Shing Temple in Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong.

The Lamma Rainbow boat will then take you on a short journey through the typhoon shelter.  For those who don’t know, a typhoon shelter is a sheltered harbour offering sea craft protection from Mother Nature’s biggest storms. Hong Kong get hit with an average of 30 typhoons a year, ranging in severity so the shelters are extremely important.

Jumbo floating restaurant Hong Kong. Fishermen at work on boat in Hong Kong.

Formerly home to thousands of boat dwellers, you can now sea small sampans, shrimp boats, Dragon Boats, sleek yachts and a colourful floating restaurant, occasional houseboats and much more.

Boats in Aberdeen Hong Kong with skycrapers in the background.

We were lucky enough to spot some of the fishing community enjoying a celebration out on the water.  Their boats were moored closely together and decorated with colourful flags.  Rather than being offended by prying tourist eyes, we received friendly waves.

  Fishing community celebration on board boats with pretty flags, Aberdeen Hong Kong.Boats and buildings Hong Kong.

Fishing Circles and Lamma Fishfolk Floating Village

Next you will head out towards Lamma Island.  Just off shore you will learn about fishing circles and then board the floating Fisherfolk Village .

  Lamma Rainbow tour boat moored at Fisherfolk Village.

The floating village is the most interactive part of the tour.  Try Funny Hookless Fishing, we fished alongside a group of excitable school children trying to catch feisty fish.  You will also get up close and personal with a number interesting sea creatures. You can explore an old junk houseboat to see how fishing families used to live on the water.  Don’t forget to make a wish on a shell before you leave.  Take the shell home or hang it on a fishing net, you decide.

Fishermen feeding fish in fishing circle near Lamma Island Hong Kong.

  Visitors hanging wishing shells on net at Fisherfolk Village, Lamma Island, Hong Kong.Group of visitors trying Hookless fishing at Fisherfolk Floating Village, Lamma  

Tour guide holding sea urchin at Fisherfolk Village Lamma Island, Hong Kong. Tour guide holding baby shark on Lamma Island.
Tour guide holding horseshoe crab Lamma Island.


Visit Lamma Island

Lamma is touted as Hong Kong’s premier spot for fresh seafood.  So, what better place to stop for lunch.  The tour includes a hearty meal called a Nine Big Feast.  This traditional meal includes nine different dishes, including seafood, but also rice, vegetables and meat.  It was delicious.

   Nine Big Feast lunch at Rainbow Seafood Restaurant Lamma Island, Hong Kong.Seafood meal on Lamma Island.

Lamma is a car free island with a population of under 8000 and it’s a peaceful spot.  The small village of Sok Kwu Wan has only 200 residents and consists of a single street lined with seafood restaurants.

The regular tour runs from 10am-2.30 on Fridays and is available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  The Lamma Fishing tour would complement one of our Hong Kong Greeters Private Walking Tours or we can arrange it on any day of the week for a Group Tour activity if booking for more than 10 people. Please contact us at Hong Kong Greeters to find out how Lamma Rainbows’ Hong Kong’s Fishing Heritage tour could work alongside one of our city walking tours or private car tours.  Please note, the fishing tour is not ideal for toddlers, but older children will no doubt enjoy the activities at the Floating Fishing Village.

Holding wishing shell oat Lamma Fisherfolk Village, Hong Kong.

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