Take a Virtual Tour of Hong Kong with Us

Yes, you read that right. It’s now possible to take a virtual tour of Hong Kong with Hong Kong Greeters. We always like to think we’re ahead of the curve and in this case we’ve been working on getting this up and running since last year, pre-pandemic. Moreover, we’re thrilled to be offering this top drawer virtual experience through the brand new Amazon Explore. As Amazon Explore is currently only available to the US market, we are able to offer separate virtual tours via Zoom to our customers based elsewhere.

The Amazon Explore Virtual Tour of Hong Kong

This is a live-streamed tour. You will be able to see your guide, chat to them, indicate things that interest you along the way and also take photos. This experience is now available in a group or private tour format.

However, your guide won’t be able to see you, so you don’t need to worry about what to wear! You also don’t need to remember to put on sunscreen or mosquito repellant. Equally, there is no need to carry heavy rucksacks through the humid streets of Hong Kong.

For an Optimal User Experience

  • Suitable for desktop or laptop (not for tablet or phone).
  • Internet speed 5 mbps minimum.
  • Headphone or speakers.

What you’ll see and learn

“Let’s show you where it all began on this old town Hong Kong tour. We’ll trace the steps of Hong Kong’s beginnings, where traditional Chinese temples and colonial era buildings have been repurposed, blending trends and traditions. Starting at Possession Point, where the British first landed and raised their flag to take possession of Hong Kong, we’ll move through the low-rise and leafy streets of Sheung Wan where you’ll enjoy learning about the cultural landmarks from the city’s colonial past. We’ll also visit bustling temples heavy with incense smoke, enjoy a few ghost stories, and see how Hong Kong has developed whilst stubbornly interweaving its traditions as it has moved forwards into modern day.”

US Customers

For the time being the Amazon Explore experiences are only available to the US market…¬†That’s right, if you’re in the USA, you can now visit Hong Kong from the comfort of your armchair. Our private virtual tour lasts 75 minutes and takes you through the fascinating old neighborhood of Sheung Wan.


Rest of the World

Although our tours via Amazon Explore are only available to US customers, we are able to arrange alternative Hong Kong Greeters virtual tour experiences for customers anywhere in the world via Zoom.


See link above for booking via Zoom, you will need to check how many hours ahead of/behind Hong Kong you are to find the equivalent time in your location. 


Our zoom-based tours are more flexible and can be customised in terms of location and length. Moreover, they are suitable for both individuals or larger groups such as schools. To discuss options, please get in touch with us directly. CONTACT US

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