Amy Overy Shines Spotlight on the Future of Tourism on TVB Pearl Magazine

📢 Exciting News! Amy Overy, Founder of Hong Kong Greeters, Discusses the Future of Tourism on TVB Pearl Magazine

We are delighted to share that Amy Overy, the visionary behind Hong Kong Greeters, recently made an appearance on TVB Pearl Magazine to delve into the ever-evolving landscape of the post-COVID tourism industry. In this engaging interview, she offered valuable insights into a range of topics that are shaping the future of travel and tourism in Hong Kong.

Changing Visitor Preferences
One of the key points highlighted during the interview was the shift in visitor preferences in a post-pandemic world. With a focus on safety, unique experiences, and authentic connections, tourists are seeking more personalized and immersive journeys. Amy discussed how Hong Kong Greeters is at the forefront of catering to these evolving needs by providing customized and memorable experiences for travelers.

Training Challenges
Amy also touched upon the challenges faced by the tourism industry in training and nurturing talents. She emphasized the importance of equipping tour guides with the skills and knowledge required to offer exceptional experiences. Hong Kong Greeters, under Amy’s leadership, has been actively involved in addressing these challenges and providing high-quality training programs for guides.

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal
Additionally, the interview shed light on the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, a vital part of Hong Kong’s tourism infrastructure. Amy discussed its significance in attracting cruise passengers and the potential it holds for further enriching the tourism experience in the city.

We are incredibly grateful to Melissa Gecolea and TVB for their support in promoting the growth and development of the tourism industry. Their dedication to highlighting industry insights and trends helps create a brighter future for Hong Kong tourism.

For those interested in English-speaking tour guide training courses, the interview also unveiled essential information about upcoming training dates in the industry. If you are interested in becoming a tour guide, please email

To watch the full interview and stay informed about the latest developments in Hong Kong tourism, follow the link below:

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Thank you for being part of the journey to discover the vibrant world of Hong Kong tourism!

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