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Peking Duck vs Cantonese Roast Duck - what is the difference?

Peking vs Cantonese roasted duck, what’s the difference?

August 27, 2017

Have you ever pondered the difference between Peking duck vs Cantonese Roasted duck?  Did you even know that theres is a difference? Peking duck and Cantonese duck are two different dishes from the North and South of China respectively. Peking duck was originally created for the imperial elite, whereas Cantonese duck is a more comforting […]

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Replacement Husband Tai O Food

Replace Your Husband in Tai O

July 12, 2015

On a recent trip to Tai O on Lantau Island, we were delighted to uncover replacement husbands for sale at a bargain price of HK $25 only!!  We’re kidding.  No husbands are for sale and however much they annoy us, most of us wouldn’t replace them.  In actual fact, what they are selling is a […]

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