Tin Hau Festival Guided Group Tour in Sai Kung

Celebrate the Tin Hau Festival on 26 May!

Duration 2.5 Hours
Price (HKD) $298
Group size 8 people
Activity level Easy

Celebrate Tin Hau Festival with Explore Hong Kong!

May in Hong Kong is an explosion of colour and culture, as the city celebrates the birthdays of multiple deities. It’s one of the most vibrant and festive months of the year! Join our small group tour and experience the Tin Hau Festival like a true local with Explore Hong Kong.

Experience the Magic of the Tin Hau Festival

The Goddess of the Sea, Tin Hau, is celebrated with grand festivities throughout Hong Kong. Witness:

  • Cantonese Opera Performances** inside traditional bamboo theatres.
  • Lion and Dragon Dance Parades** that snake through the streets.
  • Temple Fairs** brimming with local flavour and excitement.

Celebrate the Tin Hau Festival on 26 May! Be swept away by the vibrant atmosphere and join the locals in the mesmerising Cantonese Opera performances.

Tin Hau Festival Lions

Immerse Yourself in Traditional Rituals

Marvel at the **Lion and Unicorn Dances**, each movement a testament to centuries of cultural heritage. Learn about the rich history and captivating stories behind this incredible festival, and uncover the deep-rooted traditions that have shaped Hong Kong’s identity and discover how different deities have influenced the lives of Hong Kong’s people, weaving a complex tapestry of beliefs and customs. Our tour will take you through this fascinating history, offering insights into the spiritual fabric of the city.

Get ready to snap stunning photos and take captivating videos as the vibrant procession unfolds before your eyes. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts!

Tin Hau Festival Lion Jump

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Sunday, 26th May 2024


HKD $298  per person (maximum 8)



Meeting / End point

Sai Kung Public Pier, outside UNESCO Geopark Volcano Discovery Centre


11:15am to 13:15pm (2.5 hours)


Expertly led by the licensed guide and the owner of the 140K-instagram page @explore_hongkong.

This is guided tour on everything you need to know about this Traditional Chinese Festival and we will be experiencing it like a local! Get Ready to take some really nice photos and videos on that day!


Public transportation and personal spending



How to go to Sai Kung

Take MTR to Shatin Station, take Bus 299X to Sai Kung Town

Take MTR to Ma On Shan Station, take Bus 99 to Sai Kung Town

Take MTR to Diamond Hill Station, Exit C2, take bus 92 to Sai Kung Town

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