ExpatLiving Magazine Talks to Hong Kong Greeters in Tai Wai

Back in September 2014, Expat Living Magazine invited me to participate in their Street Talk article.

I Love Tai Wai

I jumped at the chance, because I love where I live, Tai Wai.  In fact, I also love to tell people about it too!

My love affair with Tai Wai began very early on when I first arrived in Hong Kong in 2010. A new friend invited me to cycle from Tai Wai (where she lived) out to Tai Po. I used to volunteer for Sustrans as a cycle ranger in the UK and thought there was not going to be an opportunity to get the miles in cycling in Hong Kong.  Also, I have to confess I was way too scared to cycle on the roads! She convinced me there was a cycling wonderland in the New Territories.  A wonderland where you never even got a sniff of the main road and the route was immaculately managed. I had to see if it truly existed….

It was fantastic, we cycled along the Shing Mun river and followed the paths all the way up to Fanling.  When we were done we got the train back home. Since then I have discovered more routes, hidden villages, abandoned villages, temples at the top of very steep hills, BBQ pits, farms and museums! Here is a link to that first route of mine – I hope you get an opportunity to go!

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It turns out there are a few options when it comes to cycling in Hong Kong.  Find out more here.

A Quick Round-up of Tai Wai’s Highlights

Tai Wai is quieter than living on the Island or in Kowloon and the air is cleaner.  It’s a more traditional area and also boasts one of the most intact Hakka villages remaining in Hong Kong.  We’re also close to the Heritage Museum and all the shopping malls of Kowloon Tong and Shatin are only a stop away on the MTR. There’s a fabulous water park close to the MTR which is great with kids.  Tai Wai MTR is an interchange station offering access to both the East Rail and Ma On Shan line meaning we’re well connected with the rest of the city.

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