Marriage proposal at The Matchmaking God

Where better for a marriage proposal than in the presence of the Matchmaking god?

Our hugest, heartfelt congratulations to Durand and Madeline who were engaged at the God of Marriages, Yue Lao, on our tour today in Repulse Bay.

Who is the Matchmaking God?

Yue Lao is the matchmaking god also known as the Old Man under the Moon.  The legend tells that the love of your life is decided from birth and that you are attached to one another by an invisible red string. Traditionally, couples following the Taoist belief, visit Yue Lao to bless their union, or their current relationship. He is holding the ‘Book of Marriages’ which identifies those that have been universally linked together. Some people leave red strings at his statue to represent these ties.

Durand left the ring box on the step – so this is a new Western tradition to continually bless the marriage!

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