Repulse Bay

The Hong Kong Greeters Guide To Repulse Bay

May 26, 2020

Known for its gorgeous sandy beach and fabulous, Millionaires Row housing, Repulse Bay is one of the best beaches on the Southside, and the place to be for a taste of Hong Kong’s high life. But away from the glitzy pads and luxury yachts, you’ll also find some truly fascinating history and vibrant Cantonese culture… […]

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Private Group Student Tours Hong Kong

Storytelling in Repulse Bay with ISTA

April 15, 2018

Our latest group tour was to Repulse Bay.  Although Hong Kong Greeters offers customised private tours in and around Hong Kong, we can also accommodate larger groups.  In fact there is no greater pleasure than nurturing the growing minds.  Our recent outing did just that as we hosted a group of students from ISTA.   […]

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Repulse Bay Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposal at The Matchmaking God

July 13, 2015

Where better for a marriage proposal than in the presence of the Matchmaking god? Our hugest, heartfelt congratulations to Durand and Madeline who were engaged at the God of Marriages, Yue Lao, on our tour today in Repulse Bay. Who is the Matchmaking God? Yue Lao is the matchmaking god also known as the Old […]

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