Hong Kong Police Tales and Tiger Tails

As Hong Kong’s population has expanded, many of the Hong Kong’s original police buildings became too small to meet the city’s growing needs.  In recent years, some of the old buildings have  given a new lease of life.  Subsequently, many have undergone revitalisation.  Such projects have seen these buildings becoming museums, creative hubs or supermarkets.  Here are our top  Hong Kong Police attractions for you to visit.

Hong Kong Police Station in Tai Po, now a small museum, woman holding a board in cell.

Purchase beautiful souvenirs at PMQ

PMQ stands for Police Married Quarters. The buildings were formerly used as housing for married junior police officers and their families. Now the complex is a hub for designers and creatives.  Stop by for some tasteful Hong Kong themed gifts and souvenirs.

Additionally, the central courtyard space is used for hosting various events, exhibitions and markets throughout the year.

Visit PMQ at 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong teatowels at Loveramics in old Hong Kong Police station Tai KwunLoveramics crockery blue at old Hong Kong Police station in Tai Kwun

Sip a Coffee in Tai Kwun

This former Central Police Compound has been completely renovated.  It reopened at the back end of 2018 and is now billed as a Centre for Heritage and Arts.  Were it not for the zany skyscrapers surrounding the complex, you could almost believe you’d stepped out of Hong Kong and into a relaxed town-square with a very European feel. Especially, if you linger at one of the open-air terraces for a coffee or a cheeky beer.

Tai Kwun now boasts a selection of up-market bars, restaurants and shops with a spacious open courtyard.  You can still see some of the former prison cells.  Additionally, all that is old has been complemented by the new.  This is due to the opening of the  adjoining contemporary gallery space, designed by famed Architect firm Herzog & de Meuron.

Tai Kwun is located at 10 Hollywood Road, Central.

Tai Kwun Courtyard an old Hong Kong Police station converted to shops and restaurant area.
Tai Kwun Courtyard

The Hong Kong Police attractions PMQ and/or Tai Kwun are conveniently situated in Central and can easily be worked into one of our family-friendly City Walking Tours.  Contact us at info@hkgreeters.com.  We’d love to help you discover the best of Hong Kong.


Visit a Pint Sized Museum in Tai Po

Old Tai Po Police Station was in use for almost 100 years from 1899 to 1987.  In 2015 it reopened as part of the Green Hub initiative.  We don’t want to tell you too much about this one as we regularly visit this perfectly pint-sized museum.  It is the last stop on our Grass Routes Vegetarian and Cultural Tour.

Old Tai Po Police Station, 11 Wan Tau Kok Ln, Tai Po

Old Tai Po Police Station Hong Kong
Old Tai Po Police Station

Stock up on Groceries at Old Stanley Police Station

Dating from 1859, the Old Stanley Police Station is easy to visit.  What was once a Hong Kong police building currently houses a supermarket.  So, you can pop in for a pint of milk or a loaf of bread pretty much any day of the week.

There is an interesting anecdote about a tiger being shot in front of the station back in 1942.  Some believe it was an escaped circus animal.  Its alleged pelt (supposedly darkened with age) can be seen to this day at near-by Tin Hau temple.

Stanley is a pretty seaside town down on the southern Peninsula of Hong Kong Island with a famous eponymous market.  It’s a relaxed destination and you can pick up a few affordable mementos.

Old Stanley Police Station, 88, Stanley Village Rd, Stanley


Learn about the Past at Hong Kong Police Museum

Nowadays, the former Wan Chai Gap Police Station is Hong Kong’s Police Museum.  Here you can learn about narcotics, triads and the history of policing Hong Kong.  Funnily enough, there is also a tiger’s head on display.  This one was nicknamed ‘Stripes’.  Before being caught, Stripes managed to kill two police officers up in the Northern Territories a century ago.  For many years the head was displayed at Tai Kwun (Central Police Station).

The Police Museum is located at: 27 Coombe Road, The Peak, Hong Kong

Tai O Heitage Hotel a former Hong Kong Police station
Tai O Heitage Hotel – picture by J3 Private Tours Hong Kong

Get a Good Night’s Sleep at Hong Kong Police Hotel

The historical Tai O Heritage Hotel on Lantau island was originally a Hong Kong police building.  More specifically, it was used by the Marine Police who were on the lookout for pirates.  Should you chose to stay here, we suggest you read more about our full day tour of Lantau Island.  Please get in touch if this may be of interest.

Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O, Lantau Isalnd, Hong Kong


Pose on a Police Pagoda

Before traffic lights, the traffic police kept order.  Historically, small pagodas were installed at various locations around the city to raise the traffic officer up, to be clearly seen my motor vehicles.  This meant that the officer could both see and be seen.  The pagoda also gave shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.  You can still visit this Police Pagoda near Ocean Park, it provides a nice photo opportunity.

Close to Ocean Park on Hong Kong Island

Police Pagoda, Old Hong Kong Streets, one photo from the past, another from the present.
Police Pagoda, Old Hong Kong Streets – picture (left) by Gwulo.com, image (right) Ocean Park

Will I see a wild tiger in Hong Kong?

Fun Tiger Fact:

You are not going to be attacked by a wild tiger in Hong Kong.  The last ‘sighting’ in Hong Kong was in 2018.  However, it turned out to be a false sighting.  Indeed, the creature was later identified as a much smaller and less dangerous leopard cat.  For the record, the last confirmed tiger sighting was decades ago.

Tiger Pelt Stanley
Tiger Pelt, Tin Hau Temple, Stanley – picture by J3 Private Tours Hong Kong

Not so Fun Tiger Fact:

Sadly, the South China tiger is critically endangered (and most possibly extinct in the wild).


Visit Hong Kong

First-time visitors to Hong Kong will most likely want to see our big ticket attractions.  We love taking our guests to see the famous panoramic view from the Peak.  Riding the cable car to visit the Big Buddha is also on our list of best things to do in Hong Kong.  Of course, you must also hop hop on the iconic Star Ferry to cross Victoria Harbour.  However, if you have visited before or are staying for a while there are plenty of other things to see and do.   In addition to the quirky police related attractions above, read on to uncover just a few of the more unusual things that our city has to offer.  

First up, we have a brand new Chinese Opera house where you can enjoy the theatrical spectacle as well as delicious dim sum.  Next, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Hong Kong boasts over 250 outlying islands.  Some of which are well worth a visit in their own right.  Also, because Hong Kong also has surprising Jewish heritage, we have included this in one of our tours.  Lastly, our city is also home to a gigantic hidden gem.  If you are interested to visit the Guan Yin statue, you will need to arrange this in advance as the Monastery only allows access to limited numbers of visitors each day.

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