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Meet the team…

Welcome, here is where you will meet our team of excellent private guides. We love our city and want to share it with you too! We are fluent in English, and bilingual in most cases. We are also officially licenced.

What makes us special is that no one itinerary is the same, your guide will work with you to make the perfect tour for you alone. Our aim is to make your tour customised, personalised and memorable, for solo travellers. couples, families or groups. We will be able to help you in any corner of Hong Kong, be it for one day, 3-days or a full 5-day package.

All Hong Kong Greeters guides are trained not only to our own company standards, but also to the industry licencing standards. All tourists guides in Hong Kong and Macau MUST hold a valid tour guide pass and be employed by a licensed travel agency.

Hong Kong Private tour guide - Amy


Hong Kong Resident

English (fluent), Cantonese (basic)

Licenced Tour Guide TG12131

Amy is a Hong Kong resident and founded of Hong Kong Greeters in 2012. The company has entered the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame twice, having received the Certificate of Excellence six years in a row. She loves connecting with the people she meets and has made many firm friends from all corners of the world.

Amy originates from the UK and had both her children in Hong Kong. Her Cantonese is still a work in progress, but she has developed a deep knowledge of Hong Kong’s history and people.  Sharing these insights with overseas guests and being your friend in Hong Kong is what she is most passionate about as she believes there is no better way to enjoy your time in the city.

She is an extremely experienced guide, developing customised tours for the last seven years. She can work with you to provide an itinerary in any corner of Hong kong and for any size of group, big or small. She is also a driver guide – perfect for a layover tour or a short stop in Hong Kong (with luggage!)

William Private Tour Guide Hong Kong


Hong Kong Resident

English (fluent), Cantonese (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Licenced Tour Guide TG12536

William will share with you his experience of growing up as a grass roots Hong Konger and is well-versed in the history and culture both of Hong Kong and China and their inter-relationship. He is one of the few professional guides to be qualified by the Antiquities & Monuments Office in the four heritage trails of Hong Kong making him an expert walking tour guide.

William is a food expert and along with his passion for Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) having gained extensive knowledge in the field. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Pharmaceutical in TCM (BPharm in TCM) from The University of Hong Kong

Before retirement, William worked in business development for multi-national corporations across Asia, US and Europe for over 30 years and holds a Doctoral degree in Business and Administration. He is fluent in Chinese and English.

Jami Gong bald may 09


Hong Kong Resident

English (fluent), Cantonese (fluent)

Licenced Tour Guide TG12714

Jameson (Jami) used to be a New York City tour guide before returning to Hong Kong in 2006. He is American born Chinese (and third generation Hong Konger). He lives with his family on the west side of Hong Kong Island. Not only is Jami a fantastic professional guide – his tours are entertaining and fun because is also a stand-up comedian.

He is fluent in Chinese and English, passionate about Hong Kong history, and being a night-owl, his favourite tours to give are in the evening. We have a set up a special Sin City tour exclusively with Jami which can be booked here.

Macau Private Guide


Macau Resident

English (fluent), Cantonese (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Licenced Tour Guide 3680

Aubrey was born and brought up in Hong Kong, before attending the University of Macau where he met his wife. After 20 years in Canada, he has now returned to Macau.

Macau is a city packed with culture and heritage, Aubrey will create a personalised and thoughtful tour to allow you to delve into the culture and history of the city. Aubrey is friendly and fun and can be your driver guide for an expert tour of the city. He is more than happy to share with you everything I know about the city and make your trip a memorable one and have been honoured to plan and deliver tours for over 200 people in the last two years. Macau is a fascinating city, and his goal is to share the stories, insights and history that make Macau unique. Regardless of your time constraints or interests, he can create an itinerary to suit your needs.

Stephen Cheung Hong Kong Greeters


Hong Kong Resident

English (fluent), Cantonese (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Licenced Tour Guide TG12445

Stephen grew up on the island of Cheung Chau, one of Hong Kong’s inhabited outlying islands. This tiny vehicle-free location is what spurred his passion to understand his culture and history and his love of the outdoors. His mother is British and his father from Hong Kong, making Stephen a true example of Hong Kong’s east meets west culture.

He is fluent in both English and Chinese and is also able to wonderfully capture your memories as a trained photographer and videographer.

Lamma Island Rainbow Starfish


Hong Kong Resident

English (fluent), Dutch (fluent), Spanish (adv), French (adv)

Team Administrator

Global nomad, Nicola has spent the last 15 years living all over the world, with stints in Nigeria, Turkey and South Africa and is fluent in English plus Dutch, French and Spanish, so offers a wonderful range of languages to guide her visitors around Hong Kong.

A passionate writer and a seasoned expat, Nicola used her writing talents to create respected and essential online communities as the creator of an award-winning blog detailing her adventures across the globe. She is now turning her talents to guiding visitors around Hong Kong, sharing with them the city’s fascinating culture, history, food and much more.

Hong Kong Private guides - Nadia


Hong Kong Resident

English (fluent), Russian (fluent), Mandarin (adv)

Licenced Tour Guide TG12443

Nadia lives on Lantau Island with her husband and young son, having moved to China from Ireland five years ago. Nadia has a unique perspective on the city having lived in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and is fluent in the language, this helped her learn the history and traditions of the largest and most mysterious country in the East.

She is a brilliant shopper, knowing exactly where to find what you need in the city and can negotiate the best prices too!

She will always strive to ensure that her guests receive the best the city has to offer, and choose the tour itinerary according to their interests, wishes and preferences. Her goal is always to leave you happy memories of your time in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Private guides Tours Privados en Español Heloisa


Hong Kong Resident

Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), English (adv)

Licenced Tour Guide TG12444

Heloisa was born and raised in a small town in the south of Brazil, and is a true global citizen having lived in Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates and now Hong Kong. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English and has visited over 50 countries.

She still can’t believe she is living here in Hong Kong, a place that still surprises her – the greenery, vibrancy, energy and beauty with it so many contrasts and places to go and things to do.

As a guide she hopes to share her passion with you about travelling, traditions, cultures, foods and all her experiences of living here. 

personalise your experience – only see the sites and experiences that you want at your pace

ask any question that springs to mind – it’s just you and your guide and no other crowds!

adapt the itinerary seamlessly and keep it flexible  it takes all the worry away from planning a trip

advise you on the tastiest food items you may have been reluctant to try – Hong Kong has highest % of affordable Michelin stars in the world

by-pass long lines at the popular tourist sites – we have this privilege as we are all licensed guides

learn how to use the public transport system – it is truly the most efficient and affordable ways to get around the city

or we can provide car tours in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles – including Lantau Island

and ultimately provide you with the enjoyable experience you’re looking to get from visiting a new country.

“We had a 6 hour private car tour of key highlights of Hong Kong with Amy. She was an amazing host to our family of four including two young children. Being a mom herself, she was so accommodating and helpful with our family routine and needs... Such a treat to be in the company of a local who is so hospitable, knowledgeable and interesting to spend the day with.
We had an amazing day out with Amy. Recommendation without hesitation!”

Teixeria Family, September 2017 – TripAdvisor Review here

“On less than 10 hours notice, Nadia provided us with an in depth and personalized tour of Kowloon and Hong Kong that kept both us older folks and our teenage daughters entertained and interested. From local legends and customs to modern rivalries and feng shui to shopping and eating gems, Nadia knew loads of relevant details about every aspect of Hong Kong life. Thank you so much for making our only day in Hong Kong a wonderful and memorable one!

Steve P, October 2017 – TripAdvisor Review here