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ladies on sampan ride wearing tanka hats enjoying a private hong kong tour

Take a Sampan Ride in Aberdeen, Hong Kong

March 19, 2017

Take a sampan ride, it’s the perfect way to explore the old Aberdeen harbour.  Try on one of the woven Tanka hats, traditionally worn by Hong Kong’s boat dwellers (note the shape is very unique!). What is a Sampan? A sampan is a flat bottomed traditional fishing boat made of wood from China.  Traditionally, fisher […]

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Special Hong Kong Tours miniature Great Wall of China at Splendid China Shenzhen

Shenzhen Family Day Out

February 28, 2017

Did we go to the Great Wall in Beijing yesterday? No, we visited Splendid China theme park in Shenzhen. It makes a super fun day out for all the family. Shenzhen is just across the border that separates the Special Administrative Region that is Hong Kong from Mainland China.  At 15 million, its population if […]

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Hong Kong Fireworks Cruises Victoria Harbour

Fireworks Cruise Hong Kong: It’s a Blast

February 1, 2017

Take a fireworks cruise in Hong Kong’s Victoria harbour.  It’s a must-do experience.  Three times a year there are magnificent fireworks displays.  The first is to celebrate Chinese New Year, the date varies each year according to the lunar calendar. Secondly, fireworks cruises run on Chinese National Day which falls on October 1st.  The third […]

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With Scott McMurran, the Alaskan Travel Guru, Alaskan Travelgram afternoon tea the ritz-carton

Tea at the Ritz with Alaskan Travel Guru

January 31, 2017

We had Tea at the Hong Kong Ritz with the Alaskan Travel Guru  , the wonderful Scott McMurren who was on his way home at the end of his 2017 ‘Rush Around the World Tour’ via Indonesia. He was great to chat with whilst watching the ships sailing by in Victoria Harbour, 103 floors below us!  Our […]

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