Shenzhen Family Day Out

Did we go to the Great Wall in Beijing yesterday? No, we visited Splendid China theme park in Shenzhen. It makes a super fun day out for all the family.

Shenzhen is just across the border that separates the Special Administrative Region that is Hong Kong from Mainland China.  At 15 million, its population if pretty much double that of vibrant Hong Kong.

Things to do in Shenzhen

Visit Splendid China

With miniature models of China’s greatest architecture this presents lots of great photo opportunities.  For further details and up to date pricing, click here.

Shop until you Drop

Buy a knock off Gucci bag or order affordable spectacle lenses.  Have a tailor made suit or dress run up.  Or if you’re living in Hong Kong, you can customise furniture and soft furnishings and have them delivered to you in Hong Kong.  If you head on to Da Fen village, artists there can copy artwork for you from a photograph. The options are mind boggling.  We found this handy article which breaks down some of the shopping options for you.

There are plenty more things to do and see in Shenzhen, but if it’s just a flying visit, these are our two top highlights.

How to get to Shenzhen

The MTR East Rail Line goes all the way there.  Take a train to Lo Wu.

If you’re only going to Shenzhen, you can get a visa at the border.  You should be prepared to queue.  Note a visa on the day allowing you to enter Shenzhen will not suffice for travelling on wards and further into China, you would need to apply in advance for a visa to Mainland China.


Similar to Hong Kong, neighbouring Macau is also a Special Administrative Region of China.  With an interesting mix of Chinese and Portuguese architechture and culture and a phenomenal gambling scene, it’s also worth a visit.  Find out more about our tours to Macau here.


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