How to get from Hong Kong International Airport to the City

Updated November 2019

Hong Kong International Airport is located just 25 miles from away from Hong Kong Island.  So what is the best way to get into town? There are plenty of options available, be it on the airport express train, local public bus or private options such as taxi, Uber or a private driver. We have complied them all here for you with their benefits and costs for each option.

Meet and Greet Airport Service

The protests have left many visitors feeling anxious about exploring Hong Kong. If you or your guests are flying into town, we’d love to help them feel at ease and show them around safely. Contact us to arrange a stress-free tour. Please also ask about Airport Meet and Greet rates. The airport has been subject to a court injunction since August 2019 meaning that only legitimate travellers can enter into the airport, but our licensed tour guides are permitted to go inside the airport terminal to meet your guests ensuring a smooth and worry-free welcome to Hong Kong. 
Call/Whatsapp +852 9015 5307 or email or message.


Hong Kong Private Tour Travel from Airport to City
How to travel from Hong Kong Airport to the City by Train

Airport Express Train to Hong Kong Station

The airport express train link was built alongside the development of the new Hong Kong International airport. It is a wonderfully reliable, clean and easy service to use.  From the airport it operates from 05:28 in the morning until the last train at 12;48 am. It stops at Tsing Yi, Kowloon Station.  From here the following shuttle services run to all major hotels in Kowloon: K1, K2, K3 and K4.  It then stops at Hong Kong Station.  Shuttle services H1, H2, H3 and H4 run to all major Hong Kong Island hotels.

Tickets and discounted fares

Round trip tickets for stays longer than 24 hours

Details for round trip tickets for single travellers can be found here.  The 30 day return ticket to Kowloon / Hong Kong Station can also be bought here at a discount.  The usual price is HK $205, the discounted price is HK $131).

The MTR often run promotions in the summer for free or discounted travel on the airport express train for children and seniors. This is certainly worth looking into if you are travelling as a family between July and September.

Tickets for groups

If you are in a group, it is better to ask for the GROUP one-way tickets.  For better group travel discounts, click here.

Once the Airport Express journey is complete, you may board one of the complimentary shuttle buses which are available from Hong Kong Station and Kowloon Station to most of the major hotels in those districts.  For more information, click here.

Best tickets for layovers (less than 24 hours in Hong Kong)

For layovers or transit tours an Octopus card is the cheapest way to get into and around the city on the same day.  These cost HK $150 per adult and HK $70 for children (HK $50 of which is a refundable deposit). A same day return to the airport using the Octopus card is HK $100 for adults and HK $50 for kids*.  If taking a layover tour with Hong Kong Greeters, you will need an extra HK $50 on each card to cover additional public transport costs. Octopus cards can only be purchased with cash in Hong Kong dollars.

You can buy same day return tickets for the same price, but this can only be used on the airport express train and not for getting around on the MTR trains, buses, ferries and trams that we use on a private tour.

What NOT to buy

I would advise you NOT to buy the Airport Express Travelpass or Tourist Day Pass as these work out more expensive. I have done many calculations on this!

Airport Express and in-town check-in

Hong Kong has the most wonderful service for travellers when you are leaving Hong Kong. Make use of the fantastically efficient and useful in-town check-in service at Hong Kong Station, Kowloon Station or Tsing Yi Station.

The train station is built like the arrivals hall of the airport, with check-in and luggage counters.  Here you can get your boarding passes and check your luggage in up to 24 hours* in advance of your flight. Then when you are ready, maybe after one final browse around town, you can take the train back to the airport up to 90 minutes ahead of your scheduled flight time, to go through immigration and security. There is no need to store or carry your luggage with you all day, and with all the efficiency Hong Kong has to offer, your luggage will meet you at your destination airport.

*not all airlines provide this service although most long-haul operators do. To check, please click the link here for the list of airlines.


Hong Kong Private Tour - Taxi from Airport to City
Hong Kong Airport to City by Taxi

Taking a taxi from the airport into Hong Kong

There are three type of taxis in Hong Kong. If travelling to Hong Kong or Kowloon, all you need is the red urban taxi. Follow the signs in the arrivals hall for the transport links.  Taxis are well sign posted and abundant. Airport staff will also write you a card with the taxi number and destination to assist you, all very helpful!

Green taxis are for the New Territories and Blue for Lantau Island only.



Hong Kong Private Tour - Bus to City
Hong Kong Airport to City by Bus

Riding the Bus from the airport into the city

The airport is one of the most well-served destinations by public bus, including night buses (though much less frequent in the early hours of the morning of course). Follow signs in the arrivals hall for the public buses.  There is also a very good map at the station to show you where each stop is located. There are two buses which are most useful and go directly through into the city:



Hong Kong Private Tour - Uber to City
Hong Kong Airport to City by Uber

Grabbing an Uber from airport to Hong Kong


Hong Kong Private Tour - Hotel Shuttle to City
Hong Kong Airport to City by Hotel Shuttle

Hotel shuttle service

There are two providers… they can be booked at the service desks in the arrivals hall. Services are a little cheaper than the airport express train, however the journey can prove to be one of the longest as there are many hotels visited en route.





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