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If you are new to Hong Kong or have been here a while, there are some great places to explore beyond the main tourist attractions. We have compiled a list of experiences which are worth checking out.  Here are our favourite off-the-beaten-track outings.

Canal Road Villain Hitters

This quirk of Hong Kong is compelling. You have probably seen the ladies sitting under the noisy Canal Road flyover.  Off the beaten track, they sit surrounded by statues, prayer papers, candles and incense. Their offer is to dispel negativity from anyone who has caused Canal Road Villain hittersyou harm.  Their services cost around HK$50. The process includes hitting a small piece of paper with an old shoe.  Could this be the worst insult you could have thrust upon your enemies? Regardless, what is most appealing about these ladies is their willingness to listen.  They are all over 70 and have heard a lot of stories.  So, if you are looking for a pragmatic way to get something or someone out of your thoughts and feel better, this is a fabulously cathartic way to do it.

Noon Day Gun

Think loud!  Even though you know the exact time this 3 lb gun goes bang, you will still jump out of your skin! The Noon Day Gun has been fired by an employee of Jardine Mathesons since the 1860’s.  Except for a brief gap during the second world war that is. This salute should have been reserved for senior naval officers when entering the harbour.  However, the Jardine Matheson private militia would salute their own Taipans when they arrived from sea.  As a penalty they were given the task of firing the noon day gun in perpetuity. The gun used to be louder.  In fact, the 6 lb version was replaced in 1967 and sits outside the former Marine Headquarters, Hullet House in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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The Best of the Rest

Check out the rest of our recommended off the beaten track Hong Kong outings in the HK Hub article we wrote here.  You will discover more about the Old Tai Po Police Station, T-Park, Lau Fau Shan, Sai Yuen Farm and Monkey Mountain. These are all even further off the beaten track in Hong Kong than the Canal Street Hitters and the Noon Day gun, as they will take you out of the city.

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