Discover Vegetarian Hong Kong

Globally there has been a remarkable shift towards vegetarianism and veganism in recent years.  A shift driven by a number of factors.  Firstly, our appreciation of the health benefits of a meat-free diet.  Secondly, a growing consciousness of the environmental impact that our food choices have.  Thirdly, food contamination scandals that have made us think more carefully about how our food gets from field to fork. Read on to discover what is on offer for vegetarians in Hong Kong including our fabulous Vegetarian & Vegan Food and Cultural Tour.  We’ve also provided links to a few other helpful resources for you to find vegetarian and vegan options in our city.   

Vegetarianism in Hong Kong

Herbivorous Hong Kong

You will be happy to hear that the global tide of vegetarianism and veganism has finally washed up on Hong Kong’s shores.  As a result there are increasing numbers of vegetarian friendly eateries that you can chose from.  In fact, between 2013 and 2017 the number of vegetarian restaurants seems to have doubled.  Meat free offerings continue to mushroom (sorry, we couldn’t resist the food pun) around the city.

Buddhism and Vegetarianism

Interestingly, Hong Kong has a significant Buddhist population.  Theoretically, Buddhists live by the tenet that one should not kill to eat and should therefore maintain a vegetarian diet.  In reality, many Hong Kong locals are twice-monthly Buddhists, only practicing strict vegetarianism on the 1st and 15th day of the lunar month.  If you’re ever struggling to find vegetarian offerings, head straight to your nearest monastery or nunnery.  Many have associated cafes or eateries that cater exclusively to vegetarians.

Carnivorous Hong Kong

Vegetarian options aren’t always immediately obvious here in Hong Kong.  The locals are generally a meat loving bunch. We unearthed a statistic from 2015 placing Hong Kongers top in the worldwide meat and seafood eating stakes. Or should that be steaks (ahem)?

Hong Kong is a foodie heaven and is known for all sorts of delicious Carnivorous dishes. But if you’re reading this, what you really want to know is what options there are for non-meat-eaters.


Grass Routes Vegetarian Food and Cultural Tour

If you’re visiting Hong Kong, join our new 4 hour Grass Routes Vegetarian Food Tour.Vegetarian Hong Kong food tour with culture at Nan Lian Garden

Come along and taste a range of vegetarian dishes.  After listening to feed back from our guests, we have created this tour to meet growing demand.  This is a gentle walking tour that combines contrasting cultural experiences with plenty of delicious veggies eats and treats along the way.


You will visit a vibrant temple, a tranquil ornamental garden and then a bijou museum.  Naturally, we don’t want you flagging.  So the cultural offerings will be interspersed with dim sum elevenses, vegan ice-cream and then yet more lovely food at the Green Canteen.


Other Resources for Veggies and Vegans in Hong Kong:

Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden

Our Grass Routes Tour finishes at the Green Canteen.  This Vegetarian restaurant is supplied (mostly) by nearby Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden as well as other local organic small-holdings.  The farm is certainly a little off the beaten tourist track. However, if you’re planning a longer stay in Hong Kong and would like to learn more about sustainable agriculture, consider a visit.  As an added bonus, you will also enjoy Hong Kong’s abundant nature.

Green Queen

Green Queen has a broader environmental remit, covering health and wellness, eco-products, conscious eating and so forth.  But vegetarian and vegan eating and lifestyle issues definitely fall under their umbrella.  It’s well worth checking their website as there are plenty of great resources and recommended listings.

Meat Free Hong Kong

This an informal group that arranges meet ups at vegetarian eateries around the city.  We note that the group doesn’t seem to be active so far this year.

Happy Cow

Happy Cow has developed a comprehensive website and downloadable app with listings for all meat-free variants in the city – restaurants, cafes, supermarkets etc.  It is designed to help you find your nearest vegetarian options and shops when you are out and about in Hong Kong. In fact, it will work in most cities across the world!







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