COVID-19 Update for Hong Kong

The Current Situation – September 2020

Firstly, we hope you are all safe and well and dealing with the current global crisis in the best way that you possibly can. There isn’t a corner of the populated world that has remained unaffected by this new virus and the new normal of staying inside is going to last for some time yet.

As at 16th September 2020, there have just under 4,985 reported cases in Hong Kong (around 300 active – link here to latest situation data). There have been 102 deaths. We had a first wave of cases in late January and early February, the vast majority tracing back to Wuhan. A second wave of cases in mid-March followed from people returning to Hong Kong from the rest of the world, a result of school closures and others returning from affected areas. Then in July, a third wave became apparent with local infections spreading from unknown sources. This has now largely been controlled, and social distancing restrictions are gradually being relaxed again.

A global testing programme started in Hong Kong on 4th September in order to uncover asymptomatic carriers. This has largely proven that locally spread has been controlled. More details on this programme can be found here. Everyone continues to fight the virus by adhering to the government guidance.

Restrictions on arrival to Hong Kong

Hong Kong has extended the restrictions on entering since 25th March 2020, here is what currently applies:

  • All non-Hong Kong residents arriving by plane from any country will be denied entry. This is indefinite.
  • Non-Hong Kong residents coming from Mainland China, Macao and Taiwan will be denied entry to Hong Kong if they have been to any overseas countries and regions in the past 14 days

Compulsory Quarantine
  • Inbound travellers from the Mainland, Macao or Taiwan have to stay at designated places (home or other accommodation) for quarantine

Inbound travellers from overseas:

  • Hong Kong residents arriving in Hong Kong who have been to Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do in Korea, Iran or Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto regions in Italy in the past 14 days have to stay in a quarantine centre for quarantine
  • Hong Kong residents arriving in Hong Kong who have been to any other overseas countries or areas in the past 14 days are subject to compulsory quarantine at designated places (home or other accommodation) for quarantine.
Social Distancing
  • Assembly of groups of more than four people are prohibited until 23rd April
  • Drinking venues, cinemas, gyms, karaoke bars, mahjong parlours, amusement centres, beauty salons and massage parlours until 23rd April. Link here for full breakdown of restrictions
What we are doing at Hong Kong Greeters

This has been a devastating blow to everyone, and we truly hope to return to travel for everyone. Anyone wishing to reschedule a tour in future will receive a 20% rebooking bonus.

We are also applying Buy-One-Get-One-Free offers to Hong Kong residents across all our tours. It’s very easy, just use HKRES20 at the checkout (HKID number required).

All overseas customers with future bookings should have received full refunds, therefore please get in contact if you have any issue receiving payment 

All our guides are keeping their loved ones safe and healthy, and are being very entrepreneurial in the meantime! For example, Jami is conducting Takeout Comedy Club shows via Zoom. Stephen has been producing video for companies who need to communicate corporate messages with their teams. William has been volunteering with the WWF and increasing his pharmaceutical knowledge. Aubrey is taking care of family and volunteering at his local Buddhist centre. We have been training up our newest team member, Zoe. And Amy, Nicola and Heloisa are home-schooling their kids as well as coming up with a few creative ideas for the business… more to come on this!

Hong Kong Greeters Happy Easter

Wishing you all a fantastic Easter. Keep washing your hands!

From the Hong Kong Greeters family