Storytelling in Repulse Bay with ISTA

Private Group Tour, Hong Kong, Lifeguards' Temple, Repulse Bay
Lifeguards’ Temple, Repulse Bay

Our latest group tour was to Repulse Bay.  Although Hong Kong Greeters offers customised private tours in and around Hong Kong, we can also accommodate larger groups.  In fact there is no greater pleasure than nurturing the growing minds.  Our recent outing did just that as we hosted a group of students from ISTA.



Hong Kong Greeters were asked to help with a visiting school group of students from the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA).  ISTA has member schools in over 100 countries and counts over 4000 members worldwide.  It was our very great pleasure to introduce them to Hong Kong’s Repulse Bay.

As is quoted on their website:  “Life isn’t measured in the breaths we take, but in moments that take our breath away.”  Hopefully, we took their breath away with our private tour in Repulse Bay.  We explored the stories we tell through the landscapes we create.  Also what stories the landscapes tell us.

Lifeguards’ Temple

The festival focused on the students’ dramatic responses to different landscapes.  We think there is nothing more dramatic than the Lifeguard’s Temple at Repulse Bay.

We shared stories of pirates, Tin Hau the Goddess of the Sea, Yuet Lau the God of Matchmakers (modern day Tinder).  They heard the legend of Longevity Bridge and the good things that come to those who walk across it.  Everybody also tried to toss coins into the mouth of the lucky Goldfish of Prosperity statue.

More of the students stories and responses can be found here on their YouTube channel.

Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is located on the Southside of Hong Kong Island.  It is one of the most popular beaches in Hong Kong. The Lifeguards Temple is always worth a visit.  You can also enjoy al fresco dining at The Pulse or swimming at one of the cleanest beaches on the island.  If you want to go old-school, visit The Verandah, part of the former Repulse Bay Hotel and belonging to the Peninsula Hotel.


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