Hong Kong Quests: A New Way to Explore the City

Introducing Hong Kong Quests, Hong Kong Greeters’ new way to explore!

We’ve been wondering how we can still help you explore Hong Kong during a global pandemic and have been racking our brains at Hong Kong Greeters HQ to come up with some new and pandemic-proof outings. We’re delighted to announce that we are ready to roll out one of them: Hong Kong Quests.

What are Hong Kong Quests?

* Stocking Filler * Team Building Venture * Family Fun * Gift *

* School Outing * Birthday Party Activity *

Hong_Kong_Quests - Quest MapHong_Kong_Quests - St Johns

Set in Hong Kong, our Quests are treasure hunts combined with a self guided tour of a local neighbourhood.

Storytelling lies at the heart of our business, so each one has a unique backstory and we’ve also woven in a few interesting, thrilling, curious, creepy or slightly gross facts to keep you hooked.

Follow a series of directions and clues, to solve a mystery and complete your quest.

As well as being both pandemic proof and affordable, our Quests are family friendly and screen-free!

Once your Quest is complete, you will be able to unlock a secret page on our website, to download your certificate and access bonus content.

Hong Kong Heist in CentralHong Kong Heist in Central Quest Treasure hunt

Stop thief! There’s been a bank heist in Hong Kong’s Central district. An audacious thief has stolen a bag of diamonds and has gone on the run.

Your Quest is to follow the clues to identify the thief and recover the stolen goods. This route starts and ends at Central MTR. Link above to purchase.

ghost wan chai Hong KongCreeped Out in Wanchai

Hong Kong’s Wan Chai neighborhood is probably the city’s most famous supernatural hotspot. Normally it doesn’t bother anyone, but this week haunted Hong Kongers and terrified tourists have been completely creeped out. Why? Because the ghost of a young girl has been howling with anguish day and night.

Your Quest is to follow the clues to uncover her name and find out where she was going and what happened to her. Link above to purchase.

Hong Kong Quests_logoCOMING SOON! Time-Trapped in TST

Monty Horloge is a time traveler who is time-trapped in Tsim Sha Tsui. He landed at the old Clock Tower with a bump and has amnesia. He’s supposed to return home tomorrow, but he’s forgotten where he needs to go.

Your Quest is to find out where and when the time portal will open and which year he needs to get back to.

Alternatively, if  you would like to discuss a private tour or customised team building event, we’d love to here from you.


Hong Kong Quests - the fun is real