Hong Kong bird at Hong Kong Park Aviary Private Tours

15 Feb The Best of Hong Kong Bird Watching

Mad about birds?  Despite Hong Kong being a built up city, there are plenty of opportunities for bird watching in and around our metropolis. Hong Kong's best Bird Watching Spots Mai Po Nature Reserve This is a bird rich wetlands area.  This is the place to go to...

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Soho Hong Kong Private Tours

13 Feb Escalator Selfie!

Escalator selfie with Melanie! Visiting the Midlevels Escalator with our guests from Kansas City who had managed to get away without their 4 kids! #hongkong #explorehongkong #explorehk #privatetour  #privatetours #privateguide #instatravel #hkgreeters...

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Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Shatin walking tour

02 Feb Smitten with Buddha

My guest Shrivanny used to live in Hong Kong but never managed to find her way out to the Ten Thousand Buddha's Monastery. A temple which is notoriously hard to find! Book us for a private tour of this amazingly visual, and steep monastery overlooking...

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Real Hong Kong Neon Tours

18 Jan Five fooks to you!

Five blessings to you, or fook, fook, fook, fook, fook! #fiveblessings #五福 #福福福福福 #chinesenewyear #chinesenewyear2017 #hongkong #privatetour #hkgreeters #hktour#hktours #explorehongkong #instatravel #hkig...

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Police Pagoda, Old Hong Kong Streets

14 Nov Police Pagoda

Doing my bit for traffic control in the police pagoda circa 1960. Photo credit (left): http://gwulo.com/node/9999 Before traffic lights were commonplace, Traffic Police directed the flow of vehicles on the streets of Hong Kong. Some have said they were a cost-cutting measure, as traffic lights would only be needed...

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